Thinhs To Consider When Planning a Kitchen

Unique Kitchen Design Process


The kitchen has become one of the most important rooms in the house. Since the coronavirus lockdown, more and more people have taken to their kitchen to cook and bake, especially in the United Kingdom. 

Many people will be dreaming of a new kitchen as these spaces become increasingly important and require more functionality and better planning than ever before with an increased amount of cooking and baking products, ingredients, utensils, large and small appliances, plus space to prepare, socialise and cook.

Many people look to increase the size of their kitchen by knocking through into dinning rooms, lounges and other living spaces to create a larger kitchen and more dynamic space. If this isn't possible, then maximising the existing space is another important factor for most people when planning a new kitchen. Smart storage solutions, taller units, extra units, island and peninsular units all become part of the wish list for most people.

The first step is to choose the right kitchen designer to plan a new kitchen. Many people start their search online for kitchen, kitchen ideas, kitchen design, kitchen planning etc. Many people start with a firm they know and an established brand name, however this doesn't always mean they are going to get the best kitchen design.

Choosing an independent specialist kitchen designer could be an alternative solution. Without the tie to a particular brand, independent designers can offer advice on a wider variety of products, help with budget planning and costing of the project to save money overall. 

Example: Mrs Smith chooses to buy her kitchen through a well known kitchen company with a chain of showrooms. She pays £16,000 for an average size kitchen in a permanent all year sale for her new kitchen including a so called 'free' design. This so called 'free design' isn't free as it has to be factored into the cost of the kitchen somewhere in the overheads of the business. The kitchen includes appliances and installation. She paid maximum prices for the appliances and the installation was rushed and wasn't of the greatest quality.

Mrs Jones tries an alternative solution. She employees Paul Carpenter at Artform Interior Design studio to design a completely bespoke kitchen that is unique to her. She pays £350 overall for this service which to some seems daft when you can have a free design produced by a large showroom. The big difference is Mrs Smiths design didn't take long to produce and was hurried as this large company has sales targets to reach. Artform Interior Design spent time, listened to the customer and the design took two days to produce. Mrs Jones was able to shop around for her kitchen and installer with the advice and help of Artform. Mrs Jones purchased the kitchen from a reputable online kitchen supplier with Paul's help. She ordered the appliances from an big online seller and found a local specialist kitchen installer, all with the help of Artform Interior Design. The end results are stunning and Mrs Jones is an extremely happy customer. Including the initial design fee, kitchen units, worktops, appliances and installation cost, Mrs Jones spent £14,500, saving her £1500!!

All this was carried out remotely and there was no need for any meetings. All consultation was carried out via email, phone and video call. Drawings and visuals sent electronically and in the post. Samples of all kitchen doors and worktops were posted direct to Mrs Jones and the whole process was pain free.